2 Reasons That Stop You from Being an Animator

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This title already scratched your head. You think about it and you say “No way”. You love your classic collection of animation movies from Jurassic Park to Lion King. You spend hours and hours trying to perfect that sketch you’ve been doing on paper and/or the computer. You even turn down some gatherings just to make time for your first love- animation. We get the dedication. But still, it doesn’t convince us that you will become a professional of animation studios in Singapore someday. You may have all the arguments in the world, but they won’t be enough to seal your way to the path of animators. 
 Being an Animator

You can only tell us we’re wrong if you have confronted all of these issues. Trust us, if you have triumphed these two successfully, you should be on your way to become an animator. These are the obstacles, your reasons that stop you from being such: 


Issue 1- You refuse to acknowledge the things you’re bad at  

In effect, you don’t have the conscious effort to improve them because according to you their nonexistent. You make excuses that the kind of art you have is still okay even if you struggle at many of these things: Quadrupeds; Fleshy Facial Animation; Walls; Eye Lines; Gimbals / Constraints; Spot on Lip syncs; Weight; Perfect Overlap; Strong Tempo / Beats; and so much more 

The fact that you’re able to identify them means that you cannot escape these pitfalls. Write them down. Be honest about animation points that you struggle. Take note of them and apply it through the short animations you make. You heard that right, you start with shorts. Entertain one pitfall at a time. Go with weight first. Then overlap. Next quadrupeds. The idea is to proceed to the next challenge if you are already confident about it.  

You will need some help battling your shortcomings. Listen to experts how they endured their weakness.  

Issue 2- You shrug off your network 

Animators tend to pride on their being independent to create demo reel. Rely on the comforts of their introversion to come up with outputs that would sweep humanity of its feet. It is surely admirable to finish a feat on your own, but Tim Ferriss has this warning “Your network is your net worth”. This explains that no matter how impressive the work is, it will not go to places if you only have poor network. You will realize nobody is hiring you because they do not know you. Let’s change the perspective to make the realization harder: Say you’re on a freelance project, who would you want to work with you? Your good friend from college? A stranger from a far-flung place? Interpersonal skills wouldn’t hurt your artistry. In fact, it will help you land projects.   

Another thing is that, through networking, there is an opportunity for sharing. Share what you already know to your fellow animators. Expect no return for you’re doing this to enrich your people skills. You might be surprised that a handful of them will help you with the things that your struggling. This is the beauty of strengthening your network. You get to have people that willingly shares their craft. Once you have mastered positive networking, you will be known as that animator who has a positive disposition and is amicable to be with. Most, if not all production outfits would definitely pick this guy.  

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